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Manufacturer:                    Sonex Aircraft
Model:                                   SubSonex JSX-2
Engine:                                  PBS TJ-100
Thrust:                                   259 lbs.
Wingspan:                            18 feet
Length:                                  16 feet
Empty Weight:                    490 lbs.
Gross Weight:                     1000 lbs.
Airshow Weight:                 855 lbs.
Cruise Speed:                      220-240 mph
Max Speed:                          300 mph
Stall Speed:                         58  mph
Touch Down Speed:          77  mph
Range:                                   290 miles
G Forces:                              +6 and -4
Fuel Quantity:                     40 gallons
Fuel Consumption:            13 gph @ Idle & 40 gph @ Take-off Power

The engine is FADEC operated (Full Authority Digital Engine Control).  The aircraft has an integrated autopilot with a touch screen panel.  It has electric trim and flaps.  The aircraft also has heated seats as well as a built-in oxygen system.



Torrey Ward is from Tarzana, CA.  His aviation passion began at the age of two, when he first noticed vapor trails left by commercial airliners and also skywriting aircraft high in the sky.  He knew then, he had to become a pilot.  On his 10th birthday, he took his first flight lesson and was hooked.  Just after finishing high school, he became a pilot.  Today he celebrates more than 40 years of flying and has acquired over 13,000 flight hours in more than 150+ different aircraft models.  Torrey has made a career as a military defense contractor, technology innovator, test pilot, skywriter and an airshow pilot.

Flying the Microjet is a true experience and not like other airplanes.  You are practically wearing the airplane and flying it makes you feel like “Ironman”.

There is no training airplane to teach you the flight characteristics.  Your success on the first flight depends on your ability to learn and adapt to the plane very quickly.  On the other hand, it is extremely friendly and rewarding when you do everything right.

Torrey is probably one of the tallest pilots to fly the SubSonex at just over 6’3” and the only pilot to fly such a Microjet coast to coast in a day.